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The Audition

emo, pop punk, rock

The Austerity Program

math rock, noise rock

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

progressive rock, rock

The Auteurs

britpop, rock

The Authorities

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Automatic

indie rock

The Autonomads

dub, reggae

The Autumn Film

indie pop, piano rock, pop

The Autumn Offering

melodic death metal, melodic metalcore, metal, metalcore

The Autumns

dream pop, rock, shoegaze

The Avalanches

dance, electronic, electronica, turntablism

The Avener

deep house, electronic, house

The Avengers

garage rock, punk rock

The Avett Brothers

americana, bluegrass, folk

The Awakening

darkwave, gothic metal, gothic rock, jazz

The Axis of Perdition

black metal, dark ambient, industrial metal

The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation

blues, british blues, rock

The B

ambient, new wave

The B-52's

new wave, pop, rock

The B.B. & Q. Band

disco, funk, rock, soul

The Babies

garage rock, lo-fi, surf rock

The Baboon Show

alternative rock, punk rock

The Baboons

country, psychobilly, rockabilly

The Babys

classic rock, pop, rock

The Bachelors

close harmony, oldies, pop


j-rock, rock

The Backsliders

blues, rock

The Bacon Brothers

country, rock, soul, folk

The Bad Light

blues, rock, stoner rock

The Bad Machines

electronic, electronica, indie pop

The Bad Plus

free jazz, jazz

The Bad Roads

psychedelic rock

The Bad Shepherds

folk punk, folk

The Badloves

blues, pop, rock

The Badpiper

celtic rock, folk rock, rock

The Bahama Soul Club

bossa nova, jazz, nu jazz, soul

The Balconies

new wave, post-punk

The Balfa Brothers

bluegrass, country, folk