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The Blackout

emo, post-hardcore, rock, screamo

The Blackout Pact

punk rock, rock

The BlackStarliners

dub, dubstep, reggae

The Blackstone Valley Sinners

americana, country, folk

The Blacktop Cadence

emo, punk rock

The Blades

classic rock, punk rock, rock

The Blakes

indie rock, rock

The Blank Tapes

indie pop, folk

The Blank Theory

alternative rock, metal, nu metal, rock

The Blanko

alternative rock, hard rock, rock

The Blarney Lads

celtic, irish folk, folk

The Blasters

americana, classic rock, rock, rockabilly

The Bled

metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo

The Bleechers

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Blenders

doo wop, reggae, ska, soul

The Blessing

blues, jazz, rock

The Blind Boys Of Alabama

blues, soul, folk

The Blind Shake

garage rock, rock

The Blitzz

punk rock

The Blizzard

electronic, progressive trance, trance, uplifting trance

The Blizzards

alternative rock, rock

The Blood

punk rock

The Blood Arm

indie rock, rock

The Blood Brothers

post-hardcore, screamo

The Bloody Beetroots

dance, electro, electronic

The Bloody Hollies

garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Bloody Irish Boys

celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock

The Blossoms

oldies, soul

The Blow

electronic, indie pop

The Blow Monkeys

new wave, pop, sophisti-pop

The Blue Angel Lounge

ambient, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, shoegaze

The Blue Bloods

punk rock

The Blue Cats

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Blue Diamonds

oldies, pop, schlager

The Blue Hearts

j-rock, rock

The Blue Nile

dream pop, pop

The Blue Rondos

classic rock, rock

The Blue Shadows

blues, roots rock

The Blue Squares

garage rock, rock

The Blue Stones

blues, garage rock, rock

The Blue Things

folk rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Blue Van

garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Bluebells

indie pop, jangle pop, new wave

The Bluefields

country rock, rock, southern rock

The Bluegrass Album Band

bluegrass, country

The Bluegrass Cardinals

bluegrass, country

The Blues Band

blues, blues-rock, rock

The Blues Brothers

blues, rhythm and blues, rock, soul, soundtrack

The Blues Brothers Band

blues, rhythm and blues, rock, soundtrack

The Blues Busters

reggae, rocksteady, ska, soul

The Blues Magoos

classic rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock