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Guns N Roses - Paradise City.mp3

Mixer & separate tracks for your mp3

Have you ever wished to mute an instrument in your favorite song and play along with the band, or study a guitar solo down to its smallest detail?

The Mixer allows you to separate and download individual instrument tracks of any song: upload an mp3, wait for the Artificial Intelligence to identify and separate each instrument and simply mute (or solo) the voice, guitar, drums and piano tracks.

Download MIDI files

Download pdf transcription

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Upload & transcribe mp3s

Transpose chords and tonalities

Web tuner

Save your performance in the cloud

300+ bite-sized self service lessons

Access more than 300 lessons for guitar, bass and keyboard

The didactic path has been designed by experienced Tutor to optimise the learning speed.

yalp educational progress example

Keep track of your progress

Every time you mark a lesson as completed, Yalp tracks your progress and suggest the new lesson to improve your skills.

Complete the didactic path by playing famous song and learn music in a funny way.

Learn music theory while having fun

Each music tip has some music theory inside that are strictly necessary to better play the proposed song.

You will learn music theory and technique by playing famous songs without any effort.

Example of lessons and tips

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