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The Pretty Fragile

electronic, metal, rock

The Pretty Reckless

indie rock, post-grunge, rock

The Pretty Things

british invasion, classic rock, psychedelic rock

The Prevaricators

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Priddle Concern

indie pop, folk

The Prids

indie rock, new wave, post-punk, shoegaze

The Priests

garage rock

The Prime Movers

garage rock, pop, rock

The Primitive Quartet

country gospel

The Prisoners

garage rock

The Prissteens

pop, rock

The Prize Fighter Inferno

electronic, progressive rock

The Proclaimers

pop, rock, folk

The Proctors

indie pop

The Prodigals

celtic, celtic rock, jig punk

The Prodigy

dance, electronic, techno

The Producers

new wave, soundtrack

The Professionals

post-punk, punk rock

The Prog World Orchestra

progressive rock

The Proles

punk rock

The Proletariat

hardcore punk

The Prom Kings

alternative rock, metal, rock

The Promise Ring

emo, indie rock

The Prostitutes

indie rock, post-punk

The Protomen

nintendocore, rock, rock opera

The Prototypes

drum and bass, rock

The Prowlers

power metal

The Prunes

post-punk, trip-hop

The Psychedelic Furs

new wave, post-punk, rock

The Psychic Paramount

noise rock, post-rock

The Psycho Realm

latin rap, rap

The Psycho Surgeons

garage rock, rock

The Pukes

punk rock, surf rock

The Pumps

blues, rock

The Punkles

punk rock, rock

The Punters

celtic rock, folk rock

The Purple Gang

classic rock, psychedelic rock, folk

The Pursuit Of Happiness

power pop, rock

The Push Stars

folk rock, rock

The Pussycats

freakbeat, girl group, rock

The Pussywarmers

lo-fi, rock

The Pyramids

free jazz, jazz, rocksteady, surf rock

The Q4

chillout, trip-hop

The Qemists

drum and bass, electronic

The Quads

new wave, power pop, rock

The Quakes

psychobilly, rock, rockabilly

The Quantic Soul Orchestra

acid jazz, funk, jazz, nu jazz, soul

The Quarrymen

classic rock, rock, skiffle

The Queers

pop punk, punk rock

The Quests

garage rock

The Quick Brown Fox

breakcore, electronic, speedcore

The Quiets

instrumental rock, surf rock

The Quik

northern soul, soul

The Quill

hard rock, rock, stoner rock