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The Names

new wave, post-punk

The Narcoleptic Dancers

indie pop, pop

The Narcs

hip hop, rap, rock

The Narrative

indie pop, indie rock, pop rock, rock

The Narrow

nu metal, progressive rock, rock

The Nashville Bluegrass Band

americana, bluegrass, country, traditional bluegrass

The Nashville Teens

british invasion, oldies, pop, rock

The Nat King Cole Trio

blues, jazz, swing, vocal

The Nation of Ulysses

post-hardcore, post-punk

The National

indie rock, rock

The Naughty Nymphs

celtic, filk, folk

The Navigators

celtic, dance, folk

The Neanderthals

garage rock, psychobilly, rock and roll, rockabilly

The Necessaries

new wave, post-punk, punk rock

The Nefilim

death metal, gothic metal, gothic rock, metal

The Negro Problem

indie pop, singer-songwriter

The Neighbourhood

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The Nels Cline Singers

avant-garde, jazz

The Neon Boys

classic rock, garage rock

The Neon Judgement

electro, electronic, new wave

The Neptunas

garage rock, surf rock

The Nerves

new wave, power pop, rock

The Neville Brothers

blues, funk, rhythm and blues, soul

The New Amsterdams

emo, indie rock

The New Basement Tapes

americana, folk rock, psychedelic rock, rock, folk

The New Birth

funk, soul

The New Cars

classic rock, pop, rock

The New Christs

alternative rock, garage rock, punk rock

The New Cities


The New Colony Six

garage rock, pop

The New Deal

electronic, electronica, house

The New Division

electronic, indie pop, new wave, synthpop

The New Frontiers

ambient, indie rock, rock

The New Lost City Ramblers

bluegrass, country, old-time, folk

The New Lou Reeds

blues, rock

The New Mastersounds

deep funk, funk, jazz

The New Orleans Banjo Band

country, dixieland, jazz

The New Pornographers

indie pop, indie rock

The New Raemon

indie pop, pop, singer-songwriter

The New Regime

alternative rock, modern rock, rock

The New Roses

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The New Seekers

oldies, pop, folk

The New Wave Hookers

lo-fi, pop, power pop, rock

The New Wine

electronic, electropop

The New York Fund

country, rock

The New York Rock Ensemble

classic rock, pop rock, rock