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The Hummingbirds

indie pop, jangle pop

The Humpers

garage rock, punk rock

The Humpff Family

country, rock, folk

The Hundred Acre Woods

americana, emo, folk punk, folk

The Hundred in the Hands

electronic, electropop, indietronica

The Hundreth Monkey

hardcore punk

The Hunger

industrial rock, rock

The Huns

garage rock, punk rock

The Huns' Review

northern soul

The Hunters

punk rock, rock, surf rock

The Hush Sound

indie rock, piano rock

The Hustlers

oldies, rockabilly

The Hydromatics

garage rock, punk rock, rock

The Hype Theory

alternative rock, pop punk, power pop

The Hypnophonics

garage rock, psychobilly

The Hypstrz

garage rock

The Icicle Works

new romantic, new wave, post-punk

The Icicles

indie pop

The Ides Of March

classic rock, funk

The Idiots

metal, rock

The Idle Race

classic rock, psychedelic rock

The Iguanas

classic rock, garage rock, rock

The Ike Reilly Assassination

americana, garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Illuminati

hard rock, rock, stoner rock

The Illusion Fades

gothic rock, post-punk

The Immediate

indie rock

The Immortal Lee County Killers

garage rock, punk blues

The Impalers

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Imperials

doo wop, soul

The Impossibles

rock, ska, ska punk

The Impressions

chicago soul, northern soul, rhythm and blues, soul

The Imps

punk rock

The In Crowd

british invasion, freakbeat, reggae

The Inbreds

indie rock, rock

The Inchtabokatables

folk rock, rock

The Incredible Moses Leroy

electronic, experimental pop, indie pop, indie rock

The Incredible Staggers

garage rock, rock, singer-songwriter

The Indecent

alternative rock, grunge, rock