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The King

classic rock, rock, rockabilly

The King Blues

reggae, ska, folk

The Kingbees

blues, rockabilly

The Kings

new wave, pop, rock, soundtrack

The Kings of Frog Island

psychedelic rock, space rock, stoner rock

The Kings of Nuthin'

psychobilly, punk rock, rockabilly

The Kingsbury Manx

indie pop, indie rock

The Kingsmen

classic rock, garage rock, oldies, rock

The Kingston Trio

country, oldies, folk

The Kingstonians

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Kinison

post-hardcore, screamo

The Kinks

british invasion, classic rock, rock

The Kinleys


The Kinsey Report

blues, chicago blues, jazz, rock

The Kirkbys

freakbeat, merseybeat

The Kite String Tangle

electronic, electronica

The Klan

punk rock, rock

The Klezmorim

klezmer, folk


ambient, dance, electronic, electronica, techno

The Knack

classic rock, new wave, power pop, rock

The Knew


The Knickerbockers

classic rock, garage rock

The Knife

electro, electronic, electronica, synthpop

The Knights

electropop, rock, soul

The Knitters

americana, country, rockabilly

The Knob

punk rock, rock

The Knockabouts

rock, ska

The Knockouts

rock, rockabilly

The Knocks

electronic, synthpop

The Knux

hip hop, rap

The Kolors

electronic rock, funk, indie pop

The Konks

garage rock, metal, rock

The Kooks

britpop, indie rock

The Koolaid Electric Company

dream pop, psychedelic rock, shoegaze

The Kordz

alternative rock, hard rock, rock

The Korgis

new wave, pop, power pop

The Kossoy Sisters With Erik Darling

americana, bluegrass, country, folk

The Krayolas

garage rock, power pop

The Krewmen

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Krixhjälters

crossover thrash, thrash metal