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The Rua

pop, pop rock

The Rubberbandits

hip hop, rap

The Rubens

blues, indie rock, rock

The Rubettes

glam rock, oldies, pop

The Rubinoos

new wave, pop, pop rock, power pop, rock

The Ruby Suns

indie pop

The Rudiments

ska, ska punk

The Ruling Class

indie pop, madchester

The Rumbar

dance, house, tribal house

The Rumblers

surf rock

The Rumjacks

celtic, celtic punk, rock

The Rummies

punk rock, rock

The Rumour Said Fire

indie pop, folk

The Rumours

garage rock, pop rock, rock

The Runabouts

garage rock, rock and roll, rockabilly

The Runaways

glam rock, hard rock, rock

The Ruppes


The Rural Alberta Advantage

indie pop, indie rock

The Rurals

chillout, deep house, house, nu jazz

The Ruse

alternative rock, indie pop, indie rock

The Russian Futurists

electronic, indie pop, indietronica

The Rutles

parody, rock

The Ruts

punk rock, reggae

The Sabres of Paradise

ambient, chillout, electronic, electronica

The Sacados

pop, rock en espaƱol

The Sacred Mushroom

blues, psychedelic rock, rock

The Sacred Shakers

americana, blues, country

The Saddle Club

pop, soundtrack

The Sadies


The Safaris

doo wop, pop

The Safety Fire

djent, progressive metal

The Sainte Catherines

hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, punk rock

The Saints

punk rock, rock

The Salads

pop punk, rock, ska

The Sallyangie

singer-songwriter, folk

The Salsoul Orchestra

disco, funk, soul

The Salteens

indie rock

The Salvation Army

paisley underground

The Samantha Fish Blues Band

blues, electric blues

The Samples

alternative rock, rock

The Sandals

punk rock

The Sandmen

classic rock, rock

The Sandpipers

classic rock, pop, sunshine pop, folk