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The Playtones

country, rockabilly

The Pleasure Fuckers

punk rock, rock

The Plimsouls

new wave, power pop, punk rock, rock

The Plot in You

deathcore, melodic metalcore, metalcore, post-hardcore

The Plugz

punk rock, rock

The Poets


The Poets of Rhythm

acid jazz, funk, jazz

The Pogues

celtic, folk rock, folk

The Pointer Sisters

disco, pop, soul

The Pokes

folk punk, irish folk, folk

The Police

classic rock, new wave, pop, rock

The Polish Ambassador

electro, electronic, electronica, electropop

The Politicians

funk, soul

The Polkaholics

parody, polka

The Poll Winners

cool jazz, hard bop, jazz

The Polyamorous Affair

electronic, electropop, synthpop

The Ponys

garage rock, indie rock

The Poodles

hard rock, heavy metal, metal

The Pooh Sticks

indie pop

The Poor

folk rock, hard rock, pop, rock

The Poor Souls of Pompeii

indie rock, pop rock, rock

The Poozies

celtic, folk

The Pop Group

avant-garde, new wave, post-punk

The Popguns

indie pop

The Poppy Family

pop, psychedelic pop, sunshine pop

The Popzillas

indie rock

The Pork Dukes

punk rock

The Porters

celtic punk, folk punk

The Poseurs

punk rock, skacore

The Posies

power pop, rock

The Postal Service

electronic, electronica, indie pop

The Postelles

britpop, indie rock, rock

The Postmarks

indie pop

The Postmen

punk rock, folk

The Potato Pirates

punk rock, ska, ska punk

The Potbelleez

dance, electro, electronic, house

The Power Station

pop, pop rock, rock

The Poxy Boggards

celtic, folk

The Prats

post-punk, post-rock

The Prayer Boat

chillout, folk rock, singer-songwriter

The Prayer Chain

alternative rock, christian rock, rock

The Preatures

indie pop, indie rock, soul