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The Optic Nerve

garage rock, power pop

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom

acid rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Orange Humble Band

indie pop, power pop

The Orange Lights

britpop, indie pop, indie rock

The Orange Peels

indie pop, indie rock, power pop

The Oranges Band

indie pop, indie rock

The Orb

ambient, chillout, electronic, electronica, idm

The Order of the Fly

hardcore punk, horror punk

The Ordinary Boys

indie rock, rock, ska

The Organ

indie rock, post-punk

The Organ Beats

power pop, rock

The Organization

alternative metal, funk metal, heavy metal, metal, thrash metal

The Original Sins

garage rock, pop, rock

The Originals

motown, northern soul, soul

The Orioles

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues


folk punk, punk rock, folk

The Orwells

garage rock, indie rock, lo-fi

The Osborne Brothers

bluegrass, classic country, country

The Oscillation

electronic, krautrock, psychedelic rock

The Osmonds

oldies, pop, rock

The Other

horror punk, punk rock

The Other Ones

jam band, new wave

The Other People Place

detroit techno, electro, electronic, techno

The Other Tribe

electronic, electropop

The Outcasts

garage rock, punk rock

The Outer Limits

pop, thrash metal

The Outfield

classic rock, pop, rock

The Outlaws

classic rock, country rock, rock, southern rock

The Outlets

garage rock, power pop, rock

The Outsiders

garage rock, rock

The Overlanders

oldies, pop, rock

The Overseer

metalcore, post-hardcore

The Overtones

garage rock, pop

The Owl Service

neofolk, folk

The Owls

indie pop, indie rock

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

classic rock, country, country rock, rock, southern rock

The Pack

hyphy, rap

The Pack A.D.

garage rock, rock