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The Sounds of Infinity

drum and bass, liquid funk

The Soup Dragons

indie pop, madchester

The Source

dance, electronic, house

The Southern Death Cult

deathrock, gothic rock, post-punk

The Southland

indie rock, pop, rock

The Soviettes

pop punk, punk rock, rock

The Space Brothers

chillout, dance, electronic, trance

The Spaceshits

garage rock

The Speaking Canaries

indie rock, math rock, noise rock, rock

The Special Goodness

indie rock, rock

The Specials

reggae, ska

The Spectres

indie rock, psychobilly, rockabilly

The Speedbumps

soul, folk

The Spelling Mistakes

post-punk, punk rock

The Spencer Davis Group

blues, british invasion, classic rock, rock

The Spent Poets

chamber pop, indie pop, neo-psychedelia

The Spherical Minds

alternative rock, post-rock

The Spiders

garage rock, group sounds, rock, rock and roll

The Spinanes

indie rock, rock

The Spinners

funk, motown, oldies, soul

The Spinto Band

indie pop, indie rock

The Spits

garage rock, punk rock

The Spitts

punk rock, rock

The Spongetones

new wave, pop, power pop, rock

The Spook

horror punk, rockabilly

The Spookshow

horror punk, psychobilly

The Sports

new wave, pop, power pop

The Spotnicks

instrumental rock

The Springfields

indie pop, pop

The Spyrals

garage rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, rock

The Squires

garage rock, rock

The Stains

punk rock, rock

The Stairwell Sisters

bluegrass, country, folk

The Stalin

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Stampeders

classic rock, rock, rockabilly

The Stand GT

melodic hardcore, pop punk, punk rock, rock

The Standells

garage rock, rock

The Stands

indie rock

The Stanfields

celtic punk, celtic rock, folk rock

The Stanley Brothers

americana, bluegrass, classic country, country, folk

The Staple Singers

funk, rhythm and blues, soul

The Star Club

punk rock