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The Rockin' R's

rock and roll, rockabilly

The Rocking Horse Winner

emo, indie rock

The Rockingbirds

country, country rock, rock

The Rocky Athas Group

blues, electric blues

The Rodeo Carburettor

garage rock, j-rock, rock

The Rods

hard rock, heavy metal

The Roger Tubesound Ensemble

ambient, electronic, idm

The Rokes

beat, classic rock, oldies

The Rollies

blues, hard rock, psychedelic rock

The Rolling Stones

blues, classic rock, rock

The Romanovs

dark cabaret

The Romantics

new wave, pop, power pop, rock

The Romany Rye

folk rock

The Ronettes

motown, oldies, pop, soul

The Ronski Gang

hard rock, rock

The Rooftop Singers

oldies, folk

The Rooks

garage rock, pop punk, power pop

The Roosters

rock, rock and roll

The Roots

hip hop, rap, soul

The Rootsman

dub, electronic, reggae

The Ropes

dream pop, indie rock, shoegaze

The Rose Line

melodic metalcore, metal, metalcore, post-hardcore

The Rose of Avalanche

gothic rock, post-punk

The Rosebuds

indie pop, indie rock

The Rosedales

horror punk, psychobilly, rockabilly

The Rosehips

indie pop

The Rosemarys

dream pop, indie pop, shoegaze

The Rosenberg Trio

gypsy jazz, jazz

The Rosewood Thieves

americana, indie rock, rock

The Rotters

punk rock

The Roughneck Riot

celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock

The Roulettes

british invasion, classic rock, pop

The Routers

instrumental rock, surf rock

The Royal Coachmen

garage rock

The Royal Concept

indie pop, indie rock

The Royal Court of China

alternative rock, funk metal, hard rock, rock

The Royal Guardsmen

classic rock, oldies, pop

The Royal Jokers

doo wop, rockabilly, soul

The Royal Teens

doo wop, oldies, rock and roll

The Rua

pop, pop rock

The Rubberbandits

hip hop, rap

The Rubens

blues, indie rock, rock

The Rubettes

glam rock, oldies, pop

The Rubinoos

new wave, pop, pop rock, power pop, rock

The Ruby Suns

indie pop

The Rudiments

ska, ska punk

The Ruling Class

indie pop, madchester

The Rumbar

dance, house, tribal house

The Rumblers

surf rock