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The Reasoning

art rock, neo-prog, progressive rock, symphonic rock

The Rebel Assholes

punk rock, rock

The Rebel Spell

punk rock

The Rebirth

acid jazz, funk, jazz, soul

The Record Company

indie rock, rock

The Record's

indie rock, rock

The Records

new wave, power pop

The Red Button

pop, power pop, rock

The Red Clay Ramblers

americana, bluegrass, folk

The Red Devils

blues, rock

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

emo, pop punk, rock, screamo

The Red Krayola

avant-garde, experimental rock, psychedelic rock

The Red Scare

math rock, post-punk, screamo

The Red Shore

death metal, deathcore, metalcore, technical death metal

The Redland

pop, rap

The Redneck Manifesto

math rock, post-rock

The Redskins

alternative rock, new wave, pop rock, post-punk, rock, soul, surf rock, synthpop

The Reducers

post-punk, punk rock, rock

The Redwalls

indie rock, rock

The Reels

new wave, pop, rock

The Reese Project

acid, house, techno

The Reflections

funk, post-punk, soul

The Refrescos

pop, ska

The Refreshments

desert rock, rock

The Regulators

dub, reggae, ska, southern rock

The Reign Of Kindo

piano rock, rock

The Reivers

indie pop

The Relationship

alternative rock, rock

The Remains

garage rock, rock

The Rembrandts

pop, pop rock, rock

The Remote Viewer

ambient, electronic, electronica, idm

The Remus Lupins

indie rock, wizard rock

The Renderers

indie rock

The Rentals

indie pop, indie rock

The Replacements

alternative rock, post-punk, rock

The Republic of Wolves

alternative rock, post-hardcore, rock

The Republic Tigers

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The Reputation

power pop, rock

The Rescues

indie rock, rock

The Residents

avant-garde, electronic, post-punk

The Restarts

punk rock

The Retuses

indie pop, lo-fi, folk

The Revelers

jazz, pop rock, rock

The Revellions

garage rock

The Revels

jazz, oldies, rock, surf rock

The Revere

alternative rock, post-grunge

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

bluegrass, blues, folk

The Reverse

rock, folk

The Revillos

new wave, post-punk, rock

The Revivalists

funk, jazz, rock, soul

The Revolters

indie rock, rock

The Revolutionaries

dub, reggae, roots reggae