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The Go Find

electronic, electronica, indietronica

The Go Getters

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Go Set

celtic punk, folk punk

The Go! Team

electronic, indie pop, indie rock

the god and death stars

alternative rock, j-rock, visual kei

The God Awfuls

punk rock

The God Machine

alternative metal, alternative rock, metal, stoner rock

The Goddamn Gallows

psychobilly, rockabilly, western swing

The Godfathers

power pop, rock

The Godz

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Golden Dogs

indie rock, rock

The Golden Filter

disco, electro, electronic, synthpop

The Golden Gate Quartet

blues, jazz, soul

The Golden Palominos

avant-garde, rock

The Golden Virgins

classic rock

The Golliwogs

classic rock, psychedelic rock, rock, southern rock

The Gonads

punk rock

The Gone Jackals

hard rock, heavy metal, rock

The Goner

psych folk, folk

The Good Fellas

jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, rockabilly, swing

The Good Life

indie rock, folk

The Good Natured

electronic, pop

The Good, the Bad & the Queen

britpop, indie rock

the goodies

girl group, pop

The Gordons

noise rock, post-punk, folk

The Gories

garage rock, punk rock

The Gosdin Brothers

americana, bluegrass, country, country rock

The Goslings

noise rock, shoegaze

The Gourds

americana, country, folk

The Gracious Few

alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, rock

The Graduate

emo, indie rock, pop punk

The Graeme Watkins Project

dance, pop, rock

The Grammar Club

electronic, nerdcore

The Gramophone Allstars

jazz, reggae, ska, soul

The Grand Astoria

psychedelic rock, stoner rock

The Grand Magnolias

alternative rock, rock, soul, folk