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The Majority Says

indie pop, indie rock

The Maldives

americana, rock

The Mallard

garage rock, lo-fi, post-punk

The Mamas & the Papas

classic rock, oldies, pop, rock

The Man Behind C.

ambient, chillout, easy listening, house

The Man-Eating Tree

gothic metal, progressive metal

The Mandrake Memorial

psychedelic rock, rock

The Manges

pop punk, punk rock

The Manhattan Love Suicides

indie pop, noise pop, shoegaze

The Manhattan Project

hip hop, jazz, rock

The Manhattan Rhythm Kings

jazz, soundtrack

The Manhattan Transfer

jazz, pop, swing, vocal, vocal jazz

The Manhattans

motown, oldies, quiet storm, soul

The Manish Boys

blues, pop

The Manix

pop punk, punk rock

The Mantles

garage rock, lo-fi, psychedelic rock

The Mao Tse Tung Experience

electro, electronic, synthpop

The Maps

electronic, post-punk, shoegaze

The Mar-Keys

funk, soul

The Marauders

psychobilly, wizard rock

The Marble Index

alternative rock, rock

The Marbles Jackson

dream pop, lo-fi, shoegaze

The March Violets

gothic rock, post-punk

The Margarets

indie pop, pop

The Marigolds

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues

The Marionettes

gothic rock, post-punk

The Mark Of Cain

hard rock, metal, rock

The Marked Men

punk rock

The Married Monk

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The Mars Volta

progressive rock, rock

The Marshall Tucker Band

classic rock, country rock, rock, southern rock

The Marshmallow Notebooks

lo-fi, singer-songwriter

The Martinis

indie rock, rock

The Martins

hymn, southern gospel

The Marvelettes

motown, oldies, soul

The Marvelows

doo wop, oldies, soul, vocal

The Mary Onettes

indie rock, new wave, post-punk

The Masqueraders

memphis soul, soul, southern soul

The Masterless Men

irish folk, neo-psychedelia

The Mastersons

country, rock, folk

The Matadors

psychobilly, rock, rockabilly

The Matches

pop punk, rock

The Material

alternative rock, punk rock, rock

The Matthew Herbert Big Band

big band, electronic, jazz, nu jazz