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The Effigies

hardcore punk, post-punk

The Effort

hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, straight edge

The Egg

chillout, electro, electronic, electronica, house

The Eighteenth Day of May

indie rock, folk

The Elcados

afrobeat, funk

The Elderberries

hard rock, rock

The Elders

celtic, celtic rock, folk rock, folk

The Elected

indie pop, indie rock

The Electric Diorama

alternative rock, electronic, emo, post-hardcore, rock

The Electric Hellfire Club

industrial metal, industrial rock

The Electric Prunes

classic rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Electric Soft Parade

britpop, indie rock, rock

The Electric Swing Circus

dance, electro-swing, electronic, swing

The Electrics

celtic, celtic rock, folk

the electronic circus

electronic, new romantic, new wave, post-punk, synthpop

The Elegants

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues, rock and roll

The Elephants

indie pop

The Elgins

motown, northern soul, oldies, soul

The Elijah

ambient, post-hardcore, post-metal, screamo

The Eliminators

funk, soul, surf rock

The Elms

christian rock, rock, rock and roll

The Elwins

indie rock

The Elysian Fields

black metal, death metal, melodic black metal, melodic death metal

The Embarrassment

indie rock, post-punk

The Embassy

electronic, indie pop

The Embers

beach music, pop

The Emotions

disco, funk, motown, soul

The Emotron

electronic, electronica, electropop

The Emperor Machine

disco, electro, electronic, italo disco

The Empire Shall Fall

metal, metalcore, progressive metal

The Empty Hearts

garage rock, power pop, rock

The Enablers

alternative rock, post-rock, rock

The End

mathcore, metal, metalcore

The End Of All Reason

death metal, deathcore, metalcore, technical death metal

The End of Six Thousand Years

deathcore, melodic death metal, metalcore

The End of the Ocean

ambient, post-rock

The Enemy

indie rock, rock

The English Beat

new wave, ska

The Enid

art rock, progressive rock

The Entrance Band

indie rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Envy

alternative rock, hard rock, rock

The Envy Corps

indie rock

The Epileptics

anarcho punk, witch house

The Equals

funk, oldies, pop, rock

The Equatics

funk, jazz, soul

The Equinox Ov The Gods

doom metal, gothic metal

The Ergon Carousel

grindcore, powerviolence

The Ergs!

pop punk, punk rock

The Eric Gales Band

blues, hard rock

The Ernies

rock, ska, ska punk

The Escalators

post-punk, psychobilly, rock

The Escape Club

alternative rock, pop, pop rock, rock