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The Dartz

celtic, folk rock, folk

The Datsuns

garage rock, hard rock, rock

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

cool jazz, jazz

The Dave Clark Five

british invasion, oldies, pop, rock

The David Mayfield Parade

bluegrass, singer-songwriter, folk

The Davis Sisters

country, rockabilly

The Dawn

mathcore, pinoy rock

The Dawn Of Olympus

death metal, deathcore, metalcore

The Daydream

soft rock

The Daylights

alternative rock, indie rock, rock

The Daysleepers

dream pop, post-rock, shoegaze

The dB's

jangle pop, new wave, power pop

The Dead

death metal, psychobilly, rock

The Dead Brothers

blues, cabaret, dark cabaret, folk

The Dead Class

punk rock

The Dead Daisies

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The Dead Elvi


The Dead Milkmen

punk rock, rock

The Dead Pets

ska, ska punk

The Dead Rabbitts

metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, rock

The Dead South

bluegrass, folk

The Dead Texan

ambient, post-rock

The Dead Trees

lo-fi, rock

The Dead Weather

garage rock, rock, stoner rock

The Deadbeats

chillout, downtempo, trip-hop

The Deadfly Ensemble

cabaret, dark cabaret, deathrock

The Deadlights

metal, nu metal, rock

The Deadlines

christian punk, horror punk

The Deadly Snakes

garage rock, indie rock

The Deaf

garage rock, rock

The Deans

doo wop, oldies, rock

The Dear Hunter

progressive rock, rock

The Dears

indie rock

The Death Riders

deathrock, horror punk, psychobilly, rock

The Death Set


The Deathray Davies

indie rock, power pop

The December Drive

emo, post-hardcore

The December Sound

noise pop, shoegaze, space rock

The Decemberists

indie rock, folk

The Declining Winter

electronic, post-rock

The Deddingtons

jangle pop, pop

The Deele

funk, soul

The Deep Dark Woods

country, folk

The Deep Eynde

deathrock, horror punk, psychobilly

The Defects

punk rock

The Degenerates

pop punk, punk rock