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The Cog Is Dead

rock, folk

The Cold

darkwave, gothic rock, new wave, post-punk

The Collectors

psychedelic rock, rock

The Color Morale

melodic metalcore, metalcore, post-hardcore

The Colorblind James Experience

country, skiffle, vocal

The Colourfield

indie pop, new wave, pop

The Comes

hardcore punk

The Commitments

blues, rhythm and blues, soul, soundtrack

The Commodores

funk, motown, rock, soul

The Common Linnets

country, pop

The Communards

new wave, pop, synthpop

The Company Band

hard rock, jazz, rock, stoner rock

The Company of Amateur Souls

alternative country, folk

The Computers

punk rock, rock

The Comsat Angels

new wave, post-punk

The Concretes

indie pop, pop

The Congos

dub, reggae, roots reggae

The Congregation

blues, oldies, rock, soul

The Connells

pop, rock

The Consouls

jazz, soundtrack, video game music

The Constellations

indietronica, rap

The Contortionist

deathcore, progressive metal

The Contours

motown, oldies, rhythm and blues, soul

The Controllers

gabber, hardcore techno, punk rock, soul

The Cooltrane Quartet

bossa nova, chillout, jazz, vocal jazz

The Copyrights

pop punk, power pop, punk rock

The Coral

britpop, indie rock, rock

The Coral Sea

art rock, indie pop, indie rock

The Coronas

indie rock

The Corries

celtic, folk

The Corrs

celtic, pop, folk

The Cortinas

punk rock

The Cottars

celtic, folk

The Count Bishops

garage rock, rock, rock and roll

The Country Gentlemen

americana, bluegrass, country, folk

The Coup

hip hop, rap

The Courteeners

indie rock

The Cover Girls

dance, freestyle, pop

The Cowboys

new wave, power pop

The Cowsills

classic rock, oldies, rock

The Crabb Family

southern gospel

The Crabs

indie pop, indie rock, pop

The Crack

punk rock

The Crackling

folk rock, indie folk, indie rock

The Cramps

garage rock, post-punk, psychobilly, rockabilly

The Cranberries

alternative rock, rock

The Crane Wives

blues, folk

The Cravats

post-punk, punk rock

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

classic rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock

The Creation

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Creations

funk, reggae

The Creatures

new wave, post-punk