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The Amboy Dukes

classic rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Ambulars

pop, pop punk, power pop

The Amenta

death metal, industrial death metal, industrial metal

The American Analog Set

indie pop, indie rock, post-rock

The American Breed

classic rock, oldies, pop, rock

The American Dollar

ambient, electronic, post-rock

The American Life

electronic, emo, pop punk, rock

The American Scene

indie rock, pop punk, pop rock

The American Wake

folk punk, folk rock, folk

The Amity Affliction

emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

The Ampersands

indie pop

The Amplifetes


The Anabasis

metal, progressive metal, progressive rock

The Analogs

punk rock

The Andrew Sisters

jazz, swing

The Andrews Sisters

jazz, oldies, swing

The Angelic Process

ambient, shoegaze

The Angels

hard rock, oldies, rock

The Angry Orts

indie rock

The Animal Five

indie rock, rock

The Animals

classic rock, oldies, rock

The Anix

electronic, new wave

The Anniversary

emo, indie pop, indie rock

The Anomoanon

country, folk

The Anorexic Olsen Twin

folk punk, folk

The Answer

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The Anthem

pop punk, rock

The Antiques

northern soul, post-punk, shoegaze

The Antlers

indie rock, singer-songwriter, slowcore

The Apartments

chamber pop, pop, post-punk

The Apemen

rock, surf rock

The Apers

pop punk, punk rock

The Apostles

acid jazz, funk, jazz, soul

The Applejacks

beat, pop, rock

The Apples

acid jazz, big beat, funk

The Apples in Stereo

indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

The Appleseed Cast

emo, indie rock, post-rock

The Aquabats

ska, ska punk

The Aquadolls

indie pop, lo-fi

The Aquatones

doo wop, oldies, rock and roll

The Arbors

pop, sunshine pop

The Arcane Order

death metal, melodic death metal, metal, thrash metal

The Arch

darkwave, gothic rock, new wave, post-punk, rock

The Archies

classic rock, oldies, pop

The Aristocrats

funk, progressive rock

The Ark

glam rock, pop, rock

The Arkhams

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Arlenes

americana, country