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The Talks

reggae, ska, ska punk

The Tallest Man on Earth

singer-songwriter, folk

The Talleys

christian music, southern gospel

The Tamlins

reggae, roots reggae

The Tammys

girl group

The Tams

beach music, northern soul, rock, soul

The Tangent

neo-prog, progressive rock, rock

The Tango Saloon

avant-garde, tango

The Tanks

noise rock

The Tantra Monsters

ska, ska punk

The Tao of Groove

acid jazz, chillout, downtempo, nu jazz

The Taste of Blood

death metal, deathcore, metal, metalcore

The Taxpayers

folk punk, folk

The Tea Party

alternative rock, progressive rock, rock

The Tea Street Band

electronic, indie pop

The Tear Garden


The Teardrop Explodes

new wave, post-punk

The Tearjerkers

power pop, rockabilly

The Tears


The Techniques

dub, reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Teddy Bears

oldies, pop, soul

The Teen Idles

hardcore punk, straight edge

The Teen Queens

doo wop, oldies, pop

The Teenagers

electronic, new rave

The Teens

disco, rock

The Teeth

indie rock

The Telefones

new wave, post-punk, power pop, punk rock

The Telescopes

dream pop, noise pop, shoegaze, space rock

The Tellers

indie pop

The Temper Trap

indie rock

The Temperance Movement

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The Temporary Thing

indie rock, space rock

The Temprees

funk, oldies, rhythm and blues, soul

The Temptations

funk, motown, oldies, soul

The Tennors

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Termites

psychobilly, reggae, rocksteady