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The Victory Year

pop, pop punk

The Videos

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues

The View

indie rock

The Viletones

punk rock

The Village Stompers

oldies, pop, swing

The Vincent Black Shadow

alternative rock, rock

The Vindictives

pop punk, punk rock

The Vines

alternative rock, indie rock, rock

The Vintage Caravan

classic rock, hard rock, stoner rock

The Violators

post-punk, punk rock

The Violet Archers

singer-songwriter, folk

The Vipers

classic rock, garage rock, rock

The Virgin

post-hardcore, rock, screamo

The Virginmarys

garage rock, hard rock, rock

The Virgins

indie rock, new wave, rock

The Virtues

oldies, rock, rockabilly

The Virus

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Vision Bleak

gothic metal

The Visions

doo wop, garage rock

The Visions of Shiva

electronic, techno, trance

The Visitors

goa trance, indie pop

The Vogues

classic rock, oldies, pop, rock

The Voids

hardcore punk

The Voidz

art rock, experimental rock, indie rock, neo-psychedelia

The Volcanos

garage rock, rock, rock and roll, surf rock

The Voyces

indie rock, rock, folk

The Vulgar Boatmen

indie rock, rock

The W's

christian ska, rock, ska, swing

The Wackers

power pop, rock, soft rock

The Wages of Sin

celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock, folk

The Wailers

reggae, roots reggae, ska

The Waiting

alternative rock, christian rock, rock

The Waitresses

new wave, pop, post-punk

The Wake

gothic rock, indie pop, melodic death metal, new wave, post-punk

The Waldos

math rock, punk rock, rock

The Walkabouts

alternative rock, rock

The Walker Brothers

baroque pop, classic rock, oldies, pop

The Walkers

country, pop

The Walkmen

indie rock, rock

The Wall

punk rock

The Wallflowers

alternative rock, rock

The Walls

indie rock, rock

The Wallstones

pop, rock