Giovanni Ruvidotti

Played instruments: Electric Guitar

Preferred genres: 4-beat, acoustic music, alternative metal, alternative rock, asian american jazz, avant-garde jazz, avant-garde metal, avant-garde music, background music, ballad

Spoken languages: Italian, English

Country: Italia


I am a professional Italian musician and composer for film with an international background.
My work is the result of 30 years of studies in the field of rock, pop, classical and jazz.
I am founder and director of the Gierre Music Studio & Academy, with 60 students for guitar, bass, drums and voice.
I studied with maestro Filippo Daccò (director of the San Remo Festival for 27 years), whose training allowed me to become a symphonic orchestra director, capable of writing for all orchestra and big band instruments (trumpets, trombones, saxophones, violins, etc) and capable of mastering the rules for writing backgrounds, an essential aspect for film music. For this reason, throughout my years working in the music field also as a perfomer, I have constantly welcomed opportunities to write jingles for the local market, music for the audio books sector and music for films.
Among my major composition works I would like to mention Ali Bianche (White Wings) recorded in 1996 with ITW label.
In 2008 I published the CD Sinfsofia which stayed for 8 weeks in the homepage of iTunes. This CD is self produced and the musicians involved were paid for the execution and are not included in the rights and royalties.
In 2009 I recorded in the same manner the CD Sea of Love where I fused the harmony of jazz with pop and rock.
Finally I would like to complete the overview with one last production of 2011, The Passing of Time, Hospital Swing (Big Band arrangement, two different backgrounds) and Wonderful Wife of 2012.