HardwiredClowN SazaL [Hardwired_ClowN]

Played instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classic Guitar, Voice, Ukulele

Spoken languages: English

Country: India


I'm a Dreamer. Specifically Acoustic guitarist n passionate beatjokey n psycho drummer. Intoxicant Metalhead Insane who creates miracle through stings like an illusionist via strings along with self distinction of psychedelic lyrics.

Core Musician from @Radiochaosbdfc https://www.facebook.com/radiochaosbdfc/
Music for Life, [Be OnE, LiVe oNe, Believe ONE]
CrazyClY of NagaR-BauL(GuRu James), Wayfarer after LALON, Dreamer of LELON, Miracle-Plan beyond LeniN.
[Be OnE, LiVe oNe, Believe ONE]
Being learner as a thoughtful CLOWN intellectual
| Even Sweeter like Wife | Spontaneous as Child |
| Revenant as well as LiFE |

| Shredding PoThEaD BITCH&BoY | #BG007|B@ND!TGERM!N@TE|
#WeT_GRAVITY #HerlynQuinzeL
#MetalheaDCreW #HardwireDXzL

"L!FE is an ART of Balance"
I named it
"Intoxication of Metalhead Insane" \m/