Riccardo Cirani

Played instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Spoken languages: Italian, English

Country: Italia


Riccardo Cirani makes his appearence in this world on the 20/07/1994 in Monselice (PD).
Soon enough something in him became aware of the weakness of his own nature and of the abyss that divide who we are from what we are.
Over the years he's found a very direct way to express this tension: through Music.
One of the very first instrument he came across at the age of 11 was the guitar and until now it has been his favourite means.
A solid practical / ascetic basis was provided by Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft / Guitar Circle, of which he has been part since the 13/01/2014. In this he performed concerts with the "Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists", the "Symphony of Crafty Guitarists" and the "Berlin Guitar Ensemble".

Currently RC appears as Intonazioni Serafiche.
Intonazioni Serafiche attempts to make the "musical machine" (RC and his equipment) a valid means to actualize the impulses, so that a particular Quality may manifest itself in its cathartic capacity.
IS as haecceity: in the total overcoming of any differentiation, there remains nothing other than the abandonment to the plain of consistency.




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