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Missing Foundation

noise rock, post-industrial, post-punk

Missing Heart

dance, eurodance, techno, trance

Missing Persons

electronic, new wave


electronic, heavy metal

Mission Hill

alternative rock, singer-songwriter

Mission of Burma

indie rock, post-punk

Mission Six

christian rock, pop, pop punk, rock

Mississippi Bones

hard rock, rock, southern metal, southern rock, stoner rock

Mississippi Fred McDowell

blues, delta blues, folk

Mississippi John Hurt

blues, delta blues, folk

Mississippi Jook Band

blues, jug band, memphis blues

Mississippi Mud Steppers

blues, country blues, folk

Mississippi Sheiks

blues, country blues, delta blues, folk

Misstress Barbara

electronic, electronica, minimal techno, techno

Missy Elliott

hip hop, rap

Missy Higgins

pop, singer-songwriter


dance, drum and bass, dubstep, pop

Mista Grimm


Mister and Mississippi

dream pop, indie folk, indie rock, folk

Mister Gang

funk, reggae, roots reggae

Mister Heavenly

indie rock, rock

Mister Lies

ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronic

Mister Monster

horror punk, psychobilly, punk rock


indie pop, pop

Misteur Valaire

electronic, jazz, nu jazz




black metal, folk metal, viking metal

Misty In Roots

dub, reggae, roots reggae

Misty Miller

indie folk, folk

Misty Oldland

acid jazz, jazz, soul


electronic, electronica, indie pop, pop

Mitch & Mickey

folk rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Mitch Benn


Mitch Kashmar

blues, harmonica blues

Mitch Keller


Mitch Malloy

hard rock

Mitch Miller

oldies, orchestra, soundtrack

Mitch Murder

electro, electronic, synthpop

Mitch Ryder

blues, classic rock, rock

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

garage rock, rock, soul

Mitchel Musso

disney, pop

Mitchell Claxton

electronic, hard trance, melodic trance, trance


dubstep, electro house


black metal, blackened death metal, death metal, technical death metal


dream pop, indie pop, indie rock