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reggae, rock

Anchor & Braille

ambient, rock


hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

Ancient Ascendant

black metal, blackened death metal, death metal, progressive death metal, technical death metal

Ancient Astronauts

reggae, trip-hop


power metal, symphonic metal

Ancient Existence

brutal death metal, death metal, grindcore, metal

Ancient Grease

hard rock, psychedelic rock

Ancient Rites

black metal, folk metal, melodic black metal, viking metal

Ancient VVisdom

death rock, neofolk, psychedelic rock

Ancient Wisdom

black metal, doom metal, melodic black metal


metal, progressive metal, stoner metal

And Also the Trees

gothic rock, new wave, post-punk

And End...

black metal

And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots

emo, post-hardcore, screamo

And One

electronic, synthpop

And So I Watch You From Afar

math rock, post-rock

Anda Calugareanu

jazz, pop, folk


dance, electronic, progressive trance, trance

Anders F Rönnblom

rock, singer-songwriter

Anders Manga

darkwave, electronic

Anders Osborne

americana, blues, singer-songwriter

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe

classic rock, progressive rock, rock

Anderson East

americana, rhythm and blues, rock, soul


electronic, house, tech house

Andi Almqvist

blues, singer-songwriter

Andi Deris

hard rock, heavy metal, metal, power metal



Andra And The Backbone

alternative rock, pop, rock

Andra Day

blues, jazz, pop, soul