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Liers In Wait

death metal, technical death metal

Liesbeth List

chanson, pop

Lieutenant Pigeon

glam rock, pop

Lieven Tavernier

singer-songwriter, folk

Life at These Speeds

emo, post-hardcore, screamo

Life Cycle

crust punk

Life In Film

indie rock

Life In Vacuum

math rock, post-hardcore

Life In Your Way

melodic hardcore, metalcore, post-hardcore

Life is Pain

black metal

Life Long Tragedy

hardcore punk, melodic hardcore

Life of Agony

alternative metal, metal, rock

Life on Repeat

alternative rock, pop punk, post-hardcore, rock

Life Sentence

hardcore punk

Life Sex & Death

hard rock, heavy metal, metal, rock

Life Unfair

black metal

Life Without Buildings

art rock, indie pop, post-punk

Life's Blood

hardcore punk

Life's Decay

darkwave, neoclassical, neofolk


alternative rock, pop, rock


electronic, house, synthpop


black metal


hard rock, nu metal, rapcore, rock


hip hop, rap


progressive rock


hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, pop punk


progressive rock, rock

Lift to Experience

post-rock, rock, space rock

Lifter Puller

indie rock, rock



Light Asylum

darkwave, electronic, post-punk, synthpop

Light Bearer

post-metal, post-rock


heavy metal, metal, power metal

Light Light

alternative rock, electronic, indie rock

Light Of Darkness

hard rock, progressive rock

Light This City

death metal, melodic death metal, metal, metalcore

Lighter Shade Of Brown

chicano rap, old school hip hop, rap

Lighthouse Family

britpop, easy listening, pop, soul


christian metal, metal, power metal, progressive metal

Lightnin' Hopkins

blues, delta blues, texas blues

Lightnin' Rod

funk, jazz, rap

Lightnin' Slim

blues, swamp blues

Lightning Bolt

math rock, noise rock

Lightning Dust

indie rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Lightning Raiders

heavy metal, punk rock

Lightning Seeds

alternative rock, ambient, britpop, pop



Lights & Motion

ambient, electronic, post-rock

Lights at Sea

post-rock, shoegaze

Lights Dim With Gallery Six

ambient, post-rock

Lights Out

hardcore punk, straight edge

Lights Out Asia

ambient, electronic, post-rock, shoegaze


krautrock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock