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dream pop, hip hop, shoegaze


heavy metal, metal, speed metal, thrash metal


punk rock, rock, skate punk

Whipping Boy

alternative rock, indie rock, shoegaze

whipping post

blues, thrashcore

Whirlpool Productions

chillout, disco, electronic, house


ambient, dream pop, electronic, lo-fi, shoegaze

Whiskey Daredevils

country, psychobilly, rockabilly

Whiskey Falls

country, rock

Whiskey Folk Ramblers

americana, folk

Whiskey Myers

country, country rock, rock, southern rock

Whiskey Rebels

punk rock

Whiskey Shivers

bluegrass, country


americana, country, singer-songwriter

Whispering Gallery

doom metal, gothic metal


old school hip hop, rap

Whistler And His Jug Band

blues, country blues, delta blues

Whistling Jack Smith

oldies, pop, folk



White And Torch

new wave, pop

White Apple Tree

ambient, electronic, rock

White Arrows

electronic, electronica

White Comic

emo, pop punk, post-hardcore, rock

White Cowbell Oklahoma

rock, southern rock

White Cross

hardcore punk

White Denim

garage rock, indie rock, rock

White Fence

lo-fi, psychedelic rock

White Flag

punk rock, skate punk

White Hassle

americana, garage rock, indie rock, rock

White Heart

christian rock, hard rock, rock

White Heaven

psychedelic rock, rock

White Hills

psychedelic rock, space rock, stoner rock

White Hinterland

folk pop, indie pop, jazz

White Lies

indie rock, post-punk

White Lion

classic rock, hard rock, rock

White Magic

new weird america, singer-songwriter, folk

White Moth Black Butterfly

ambient, electronic, progressive rock, rock

White Noise Sound

shoegaze, space rock

White Plains

oldies, pop, soft rock

White Sound

hard rock, pop rock, rock

White Town

electronic, electronica

White Trash

hard rock, rock

White Widdow

hard rock, rock

White Witch Canyon

stoner metal, stoner rock

White Wives

alternative rock, indie rock, pop punk, punk rock

White Wizzard

hard rock, heavy metal, metal

White Wolf

hard rock, heavy metal

White Zombie

heavy metal, industrial metal, metal, rock


ambient, dubstep, electronic, glitch, idm


christian metal, christian rock, hard rock, heavy metal

Whitefield Brothers

deep funk, funk, soul