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Will Downing

jazz, quiet storm, smooth jazz, soul

Will Ferdy

grindcore, singer-songwriter

Will Hanson


Will Hoge

rock, singer-songwriter

Will Johnson

indie rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Will Kimbrough

americana, country, rock, singer-songwriter

Will Knox

folk pop, singer-songwriter

Will Oldham

americana, singer-songwriter, folk

Will Quinlan & The Diviners

americana, cowpunk

Will Samson


Will Smith

hip hop, pop, rap

Will Sparks

dance, electronic, electronica, progressive house

Will Stratton

indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk

Will to Power

dance, freestyle, pop

Will Varley

singer-songwriter, folk

Will Young

britpop, pop, singer-songwriter

funk, hip hop, rap

Willamette Stone

indie rock


grunge, sludge metal, stoner rock

Willard Grant Conspiracy

americana, folk

Willeke Alberti


Willem Duyn

pop, singer-songwriter

Willi Herren


William Beckett

pop, rock

William Bell

funk, rhythm and blues, soul, southern soul

William Bell & Judy Clay

memphis soul, soul

William Byrd

early music

William Clarke

blues, harmonica blues

William Control

darkwave, electro, electronic, new wave

William Coulter

celtic, folk

William D. Drake

progressive rock, folk

William Deslauriers


William Devaughn

funk, soul

William Elliott Whitmore

blues, singer-songwriter, folk

William Fitzsimmons

singer-songwriter, folk

William Jackson

celtic, folk

William Moore

blues, ragtime, folk

William Orbit

ambient, chillout, downtempo, electronic, electronica

William Parker Quartet

avant-garde jazz, free jazz, jazz

William Pitt

dance, disco, pop

William Shatner

pop, rock

William Sheller

chanson, singer-songwriter

William Tell

emo, pop rock, rock, singer-songwriter

William Topley

blues, chillout, rock, singer-songwriter