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The Whitlams

piano rock, rock

The Who

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The Wiggles

black metal, brutal death metal, death metal

The Wild Swans

new wave, post-punk

The Willowz

garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Wind Whistles

indie folk, folk

The Winery Dogs

alternative rock, hard rock, progressive rock, rock

The Winstons

funk, rhythm and blues, soul

The Wirtschaftswunder

avant-garde, electronic, new wave

The Wiyos

americana, bluegrass, swing

The Woggles

garage rock, rock

The Wolfhounds

indie pop, indie rock

The Wombats

britpop, indie rock

The Wombles

emo, pop

The Wonder Years

melodic hardcore, pop punk

The wonders

classic rock, pop, rock, soundtrack

The Wood Brothers

americana, blues, folk

The Wooden Birds

indie folk, folk

The Woodentops

indie pop, new wave

The Woods Band

celtic rock, folk rock, folk

The Woolpackers

country, pop

The Working Title

indie rock, rock

The Wreckers

country, pop, singer-songwriter

The Wrens

indie rock, rock

The xx

electronic, post-punk

The Yardbirds

blues, classic rock, rock

The Yayhoos

alternative country, americana, country rock, rock

The Young and the Useless

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Young Dubliners

celtic, celtic rock, rock, folk

The Young Gods

electronic, industrial rock

The Young Professionals

dance, electronic, indietronica, pop

The Young Rascals

classic rock, oldies, rock, soul