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The Eversons

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The Everybodyfields

americana, bluegrass, folk

The Everyday Visuals

ambient, electronic, rock

The Everywheres

garage rock, indie rock, pop

The Ex

noise rock, post-punk

The Ex + Tom Cora

avant-garde, post-punk

The Excels

doo wop, garage rock, oldies

The Exciters

northern soul, pop, soul

The Exies

alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, rock

The Exile

heavy metal, reggae, rock

The Exiters

doo wop

The Expelled

punk rock

The Expendables

dub, reggae, rock, ska

The Exploder

emo, post-punk, screamo

The Exploding Boy

indie rock, new wave, post-punk

The Exploding Hearts

power pop, punk rock, rock

The Exploited

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Explorers Club

indie pop, pop, progressive rock, surf rock

The Explosion

pop punk, punk rock, rock

The Explosives

new wave, power pop

The Exponents

pop, rock

The Extra Glenns

indie rock, lo-fi, folk

The Extras

rock, soundtrack

The Eyes

garage rock, melodic death metal

The eyes of a traitor

deathcore, melodic death metal, metalcore

The F-Ups

pop punk, punk rock, rock

The F.U.'s

hardcore punk

The Fab Four

classic rock, rock

The Fabulous Playboys

oldies, surf rock

The Fabulous Three

deep funk, doo wop, funk, jazz, soul

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

blues, classic rock, rock, southern rock

The Faceless

death metal, deathcore, progressive death metal, technical death metal

The Faction

hardcore punk, skate punk

The Fad

ska, ska punk, skacore

The Fades

indie rock, punk rock, rock

The Fading

death metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal

The Fags

indie rock

The Faint

dance, electronic, indie rock

The Fairfield Four

blues, country, soundtrack, folk

The Fairlanes

pop punk, punk rock

The Fairways

indie pop

The Fairytale

psychedelic rock

The Falcon

punk rock