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The Great Kat

metal, speed metal, thrash metal

The Great Old Ones

black metal, shoegaze

The Great Park

singer-songwriter, folk

The Great Society

classic rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Great Spy Experiment

indie rock, rock

The Great Unwashed

indie pop, lo-fi

The Great Valley

indie rock, pop punk, rock

The Greatest Show on Earth

progressive rock, psychedelic rock, soul

The Greatness Design

deathcore, progressive death metal, technical death metal

The Greedies

punk rock, rock and roll

The Green

chillout, electronica, reggae, trip-hop

The Green Children

electronic, pop

The Green Martian

electronic, progressive trance, trance

The Green Telescope

garage rock, rock

The Greenberry Woods

power pop, folk

The Greenbriar Boys

americana, bluegrass, folk

The Greencards

americana, bluegrass, country, folk

The Greenes

southern gospel

The Greenhornes

garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Gregg Allman Band

classic rock, rock, southern rock

The Grey Race

alternative rock, rock, singer-songwriter

The Greyboy Allstars

acid jazz, funk, jam band, jazz

The Grid

dance, electronic, electronica, techno, trance

The Grifters

indie rock, lo-fi, noise rock

The Grim

hardcore punk

The Grims


The Griswolds

electronic, indie pop

The Grit

psychobilly, punk rock

The Grodes

garage rock

The Groove

acid jazz, funk, soul

The Grotesquery

death metal, metal

The Groundhogs

blues, classic rock, rock

The Groupies

garage rock, rock

The Grout

punk rock

The Growlers

lo-fi, surf rock

The Gruesomes

garage rock

The Gruff

bluegrass, folk

The Guess Who

classic rock, oldies, rock

The Gufs

alternative rock, rock

The Guild League

indie pop, twee pop

The Guilty Hearts

garage rock, rockabilly

The Gun Club

garage rock, post-punk, psychobilly, rock

The Guthries


The Gutter Twins

alternative rock, rock

The Gymslips

pop punk, riot grrrl

The Gypsy Bangles

blues, rock, soul

The Gyres

alternative rock, britpop, indie rock, rock

The Hackensaw Boys

americana, bluegrass, country

The Hall Effect

alternative rock, rock

The Halo Benders

indie rock, lo-fi