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classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, rock

Omega Lithium

gothic metal, industrial metal

Omega Massif

doom metal, post-metal, post-rock

Omega Tribe

anarcho punk, peace punk




heavy metal, metal, power metal

Omery Rising

heavy metal


electronic, electronica, folk


dance, electronic, reggae

Omni Trio

drum and bass, electronic, jungle


celtic, neofolk, folk

Omnia & Ira

dance, electronic, electronica, progressive trance, trance


electronic, glitch, pop


dubstep, electro house, electronic

On A Dead Machine

alternative rock, progressive rock

On An On

dream pop, indie pop, shoegaze

On The Last Day

emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

On The Might of Princes

emo, post-hardcore, screamo

On the Virg

jazz fusion, progressive metal, progressive rock

On Thorns I Lay

doom metal, gothic metal, metal


britpop, indie rock

Once Blue

jazz, folk

Once Tiros

rock, ska


alternative metal, alternative rock, metal, metalcore, nu metal



Onda Vaselina

dance, latin pop

Ondřej Havelka

big band, jazz, swing


black metal, metal

One Bad Pig

christian punk, christian rock, rock

One Be Lo

hip hop, rap

One Buck Short

pop, pop punk, punk rock, rock

One Chance

hip hop

One Day as a Lion

rapcore, rock

One Day Remains

alternative rock, rock

One Dollar Short

pop punk, punk rock

One Dove

electronic, electronica, trip-hop

One Drop

punk rock, reggae, rock, ska

One Eskimo

rock, shoegaze

One Flew South

country, country pop, country rock, pop

One For The Team

indie pop, indie rock, power pop

One Hit Wonder

pop punk, punk rock

One Hundred Hours

christian rock, rock

One Inch Punch

metal, rock

One King Down

metalcore, metallic hardcore, straight edge

One Less Reason

alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, rock

One Life Crew

straight edge

One Little Plane

folktronica, indie pop