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One Man Army

death metal, melodic death metal, punk rock

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet

death metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal

One Million Bulgarians

alternative rock, post-punk

One Minute Silence

metal, nu metal, rapcore

One missed may

pop punk, power pop, rock

One More Girl

country, pop, pop rock, singer-songwriter

One Morning Left

electronic, electronica, post-hardcore, screamo

One Night Only

indie pop, indie rock


j-rock, rock

One Reason

folk punk, punk rock

One Republic

alternative rock, pop rock, rock

One Second Bridge

ambient, indietronica, post-rock, shoegaze

One Self

hip hop, rap

one sonic society

christian rock, contemporary christian

One Star Story

alternative rock, pop rock, rock

One Step Ahead

melodic hardcore

One Tail, One Head

black metal

One Two

dance, pop

One Way

funk, soul

One Way Letter

emo, rock

One Way Ride

grunge, hard rock, post-grunge, rock

One Way System

punk rock

One-T + Cool-T

dance, hip hop, pop, rap


indie rock


hip hop, rap

Oneohtrix Point Never

ambient, electronic


alternative rock, pop rock, rock


alternative metal, alternative rock, hard rock, nu metal, rock


dance, electronic, electronica, progressive trance, trance

Onie Wheeler

country, rock and roll, rockabilly


cabaret, dark cabaret, neofolk