Vault of the Heaven chords by Tangerine Dream

Song's chords Em, E, Bm, D, A

Info about song

"Vault of the Heaven" is a track by Edgar Froese. It was played Live during Edgar Froese`s first (and maybe last) solo concert ever. (Eindhoven - Netherlands 2008). He was backed by his band on this concert : "Tangerine Dream Plays Edgar Froese". "Vault of the Heavens" (with the letter S in the end) was first released on the Edgar Froese Compilation "Beyond the Storm" (1995). Edgar played songs from the albums: "Epsilon In Malaysian Pale", "Ages", "Pinnacles", "Stuntman", "Beyond the Storm", Orange Light Years" and "Dalinetopia". In addition he played the Tangerine Dream tracks "Hamlet" (from "220 Volt Live"), and "One Night in Space", "Serpent Magique" and "Leviathan" (from "Views From a Red Train") Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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