Natural Science chords by Rush

Song's chords B, A, C, Dm, Bm, D, C, E, F, Fm, G, Em, Cm, Am, Gm

Album Rush in Rio

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"Natural Science" is the sixth and final song on Rush's seventh album Permanent Waves, and the last of their songs to be subdivided into separate, named sections. The story of this epic nature song began with the discarding of an entirely different epic song. Neil was working on making a song out of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the medieval epic from King Arthur's time. Based on the story written in the 14th century, he was trying to keep its original style. It was deemed too out of place with the other material and was discarded.While Lee, Lifeson, and Terry Brown began overdubs, Peart began attempting to write another epic song to replace the discarded "Green Knight", and after enduring three days of writer's block, "Natural Science" was born. Music was composed for "Natural Science", with some leftover parts from "Green Knight". The tide pool effects for the song were created by splashing oars in the private lake, and the natural echo outside was used to record various instruments. The rough mixes on the album were complete, and the final mix was completed in a week at Trident studios, London. "Natural Science" clocks in at over nine minutes and is composed of three distinct movements. The lyrics are driven by concepts of natural science, examining themes of evolution, genetics and civilization, as well as man's responsibility to the arts and sciences. It has been played, with slight alterations, on every tour from Test for Echo forward. It is divided up as follows: * "Tide Pools" – 2:21 * "Hyperspace" – 2:47 * "Permanent Waves" – 4:08 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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