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"Heart" is a song recorded by Pet Shop Boys which reached #1 on the UK singles chart for three weeks in April 1988. Written by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant, "Heart" was the fourth and final single from the duo's second 'proper' album Actually. Remixed as a single and released in March 1988, it rocketed to the top of the charts to become the duo's fourth - and, to date, last - UK number one single. It was also a massive hit across Europe. The genesis of the song goes back to the sessions for the duo's first album Please in early 1986 with Shep Pettibone. Originally the duo had planned to offer it to Hi-NRG singer Hazell Dean or — more notoriously — Madonna, but they ultimately kept it for themselves. The duo's version of the song was intended to be used in the Steven Spielberg-produced film Innerspace, but the dance sequence it was intended for was at the wrong tempo for the song. The song was originally called "Heartbeat", but was changed after Culture Club drummer Jon Moss announced the formation of a group Heartbeat UK. The lyrics are noted for being more traditional than most Pet Shop Boys songs, being a straightforward declaration of love — a characteristic common in many pop songs. On the commentary of the live Pet Shop Boys DVD Cubism, Neil reveals that the "uh uh oh oh uh" refrain which repeats throughout the song features the vocals of Neil, Pavarotti and Wendy Smith (of Prefab Sprout). The song was re-recorded for Actually with producer Andy Richards, and was mixed by Julian Mendelsohn. The single remix is an edit of the Richards' version with the use of wah wah guitar, giving the song more of a '70s sound. Despite topping the UK charts for three weeks and being a huge worldwide hit, "Heart" has become the least remembered of the Pet Shop Boys' four number ones. Even the duo themselves tend to dismiss it, with Chris Lowe stating in 2001: "It just shows that chart positions aren't the be all and end all. "Heart" isn't in the same league as "Being Boring". However, many fans regard the song highly and Pet Shop Boys like it enough to have performed the song in both their 1989 tour and also in their "Fundamental" world tour in 2006 and 2007. Directed by Jack Bond, director of the band's 1987 film It Couldn't Happen Here, the "Heart" video is based on the 1922 film Nosferatu. The video opens with Tennant and his bride (Danijela Čolić) being driven to a castle (grad Mokrice) with Lowe as his chauffeur. As he goes to bed with his bride, the Vampire, played by Ian McKellen, spies them. Later he seduces the bride and bites her. Finally Lowe drives Nosferatu and his bride away, leaving Tennant to stare bitterly after them from a castle window. The video was shot in Yugoslavia (now Slovenia). Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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