Glorious chords by Muse

Song's chords F, E, Gm, G, Cm, Fm, B, Em, A, Bm, A

Info about song

Begins with a guitar riff which uses a pedal note throughout supported by a moving bass line which is continued in the verse. Drum part is rhythmically imitative of the guitar riff. The chorus is heavily chromatic. Both the guitar and vocal parts ascend chromatically, and when it moves out of this chromatic motif the guitar continues to imitate the vocal line melodically. The piece is brought to a close initially with the original guitar riff and then by a variation of the riff but with the same bass line. The song is bookended by 33 randomly overdubbed guitars, which eventually resolve to a B major chord to end the track. When played live, this song was referred to as DES due to a name printed on a set list. DES is the name of the keyboard technician - During the performance of Fillip for Bizarre 1999, there is a problem with the sound (a video of this can be downloaded here) and at the time, Matt made a beckoning gesture aimed backstage and he is heard saying "Des! Des!". It could also be a reference to DES, an American government cipher which would fit with the apparent cryptographic theme of the album. DES became a backronym for "Dead End Street" when some fans thought it was the title for the new song. Matt first referred to this song in his October message on the Official messaged board stating that "the 33 randomised guitar overdubs on the church of sub genius ... have high chance of making it [on to Black Holes and Revelations]", Church of the SubGenius being the song's pre-release title. It was included on the Japanese version of Black Holes and Revelations as an extra incentive to buy as Japanese albums are more expensive. It is also featured on the Invincible 7". - Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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