Feels Like Rain chords by Buddy Guy

Song's chords C, G, B, Em, D, Gm, Bm

Info about song

From the first four bars of that beautiful tremeloed guitar work,to the spine chilling slide guitar work later in the song , Buddy takes this cover and makes it his own. Knowing he's been there,or if you don't know, Buddy let's you know from the first line of the vocals. And continues to let you know as he gets a little help from his friends in the background into the chorus and beyond. A great song , covered by many others, but never replicated in Buddy's style, he takes you along with him on his trip back home. which may or may not be there since Katrina, and Buddy passes this along in this track , with his heartfelt soul-driven trip back down south. His vocals definitely make you feel as though it could rain at anytime. Without mentioning the name of the writer I'm certain Buddy has made him proud. He definitely stirred my soul with his awesome vovals and guitar work on this track. Listen once and I think you'll want to buy it for your library. (no I do not work for Last.FM or anyone else connected with them) rd Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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