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The Obsessed

doom metal, heavy metal, stoner metal, stoner rock

The Occupants

pop punk

The Ocean

post-metal, progressive metal

The Ocean Blue

dream pop, indie pop

The Ocean Party

indie pop, shoegaze

The Oceans

funk, pop, surf rock

The Offenders

reggae, ska

The Offs

funk, punk rock, reggae, ska

The Offspring

alternative rock, punk rock, rock

The Oh Hellos

indie folk, folk

The Ohio Players

funk, soul

The Oi! Scouts

punk rock

The Okee Dokee Brothers

children's music

The Old Ceremony

indie rock, rock

The Old Dance School

celtic, jazz, world music, folk

The Old Dead Tree

death metal, doom metal, gothic metal, metal, progressive metal

The Old Wind

doom metal, post-metal

The Olms

pop, rock, folk

The Once

country, folk

The One AM Radio

electronic, indie pop, lo-fi

The One Hundred

electronic, electronica, metalcore, post-hardcore, rapcore

The One Up Downstairs

emo, math rock, post-rock

The OneUps

8-bit, jazz, video game music

The Ongoing Concept

electronic, metalcore, post-hardcore

The Onion Dolls

punk rock

The Only Ones

new wave, power pop, punk rock

The Open

indie rock, rock

The Open Mind

garage rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Optic Nerve

garage rock, power pop

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom

acid rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Orange Humble Band

indie pop, power pop

The Orange Lights

britpop, indie pop, indie rock

The Orange Peels

indie pop, indie rock, power pop

The Orb

ambient, chillout, electronic, electronica, idm

The Order of the Fly

hardcore punk, horror punk

The Ordinary Boys

indie rock, rock, ska

The Organ

indie rock, post-punk

The Organ Beats

power pop, rock

The Organization

alternative metal, funk metal, heavy metal, metal, thrash metal