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The McRackins

pop punk, punk rock

The Me In You

indie rock, pop, rock

The Meads of Asphodel

avant-garde metal, black metal

The Meanies


The Meantraitors

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Meas

punk rock

The Meatmen

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Medic Droid

dance, electro, electronic, electronica

The Meditations

dub, reggae, roots reggae

The Meeting Places

dream pop, shoegaze, shoegazer

The Megas

rock, video game music

The Mekons


The Meligrove Band

indie rock, rock

The Melismatics

indie pop, indie rock, rock

The Melodians

dub, reggae, rocksteady, roots reggae, ska

The Melodic

indie pop, rock, folk

The Members

new wave, punk rock, ska

The Membranes

noise rock, post-punk

The Memorials

alternative rock, hard rock, progressive rock

The Memories

alternative rock, lo-fi, noise pop

The Memory Band

folktronica, folk

The Memphis Horns

disco, funk, jazz, soul

The Men

noise rock, post-punk

The Men They Couldn't Hang

folk punk, folk rock, folk

The Mendoza Line

country, indie pop, indie rock

The Menzingers

pop punk, punk rock

The Merced Blue Notes

jazz, rhythm and blues

The Mercy House

alternative metal, hard rock, heavy metal, metal, rock

The Mermen

surf rock

The Merry Thoughts

darkwave, gothic rock

The Merry-Go-Round

classic rock, garage rock, rock, sunshine pop

The Merrymakers

indie rock, pop, power pop

The Merrymen

calypso, pop

The Merseybeats

british invasion, merseybeat, oldies, pop

The Merseys

merseybeat, oldies, pop, rock

The Merton Parkas

new wave, power pop

The Mess Hall

garage rock, rock

The Message

reggae, soul

The Meteors

horror punk, psychobilly, punk rock, rockabilly

The Meters

funk, soul

The Methadones

pop punk, power pop, punk rock

The Mice

indie rock, power pop, rock

The Mickey Finn

freakbeat, garage rock, rock

The Microphones

indie rock, lo-fi, folk

The Middle East

ambient, post-rock, folk

The Midnight Ghost Train

southern metal, stoner metal, stoner rock

The Midway State

piano rock