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The Low Anthem

indie folk, folk

The Low Life

jam band, rock

The Lowland Hundred

ambient, folk

The Luck


The Lucksmiths

indie pop

The Lumineers

folk rock, rock, folk

The Luna Sequence

drum and bass, electronic, industrial metal, industrial rock

The Lupins

reggae, rock

The Lurkers

punk rock

The Lurking Corpses

death metal, horror punk

The Luxembourg Signal

indie pop, pop, rock

The Luyas

indie pop

The M Machine

dance, electro, electro house, electronic, house

The M's

indie rock

The Macc Lads

punk rock, rock

The Maccabees

indie rock

The Machine

hardstyle, psychedelic rock, stoner rock

The Mad

punk rock

The Mad Are Sane

anarcho punk

The Madd

beat, indie rock

The Madeira

surf rock

The Maggots

garage rock, rock

The Magic Numbers

indie pop, indie rock

The Magicians

garage rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Magnetic Fields

indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

The Magnificent

hard rock

The Mahones

celtic, celtic punk, folk punk

The Maids

punk rock

The Main Ingredient

funk, oldies, soul

The Maine

emo, pop punk, rock

The Majic Ship

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Majority Says

indie pop, indie rock

The Maldives

americana, rock

The Mallard

garage rock, lo-fi, post-punk

The Mamas & the Papas

classic rock, oldies, pop, rock

The Man-Eating Tree

gothic metal, progressive metal

The Mandrake Memorial

psychedelic rock, rock

The Manges

pop punk, punk rock