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We Are The Emergency

emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

We Are the Fallen

alternative rock, rock

We Are the Grand

indie pop, indie rock

We Are the Illusion

deathcore, metalcore, progressive metal

We Are the In Crowd

pop, pop punk, pop rock

We Are the Ocean

emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

We Are Trees

indie pop, lo-fi, folk

We Are Twin

electronic, indie pop, rock

We Are Wolves

indie rock, post-punk

We As Human

alternative metal, alternative rock, christian rock

We Barbarians

indie rock, post-punk

We Came As Romans

metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo

We Cut Corners

indie rock, folk

We Five

oldies, pop, singer-songwriter

we hate jh

emo, power pop

We Lost the Sea

post-metal, post-rock

We Made God

post-metal, post-rock

We Shot the Moon

alternative rock, piano rock, pop, rock

We Show Up On RadaR


We the Kings

pop punk, pop rock

We The Living

alternative rock, pop rock, rock

We the People

garage rock, rock

We Versus The Shark

indie rock, math rock, post-punk

We vs. Death


We Were Pirates

indie pop, indie rock, pop

We Were Promised Jetpacks

indie rock, rock

We Were Skeletons

post-hardcore, screamo

Weather Report

funk, jazz, jazz fusion


emo, indie rock, rock


pop rock, rock


chillout, downtempo

Weaving the Fate

alternative rock, modern rock, post-grunge


art rock, progressive rock, thrash metal

Webb Pierce

classic country, country, honky tonk, rockabilly, western swing

Webb Wilder

americana, classic rock, rock, roots rock


pop punk, punk rock


cabaret, chanson


cybergrind, deathcore, grindcore


electronic, post-metal, post-rock


black metal

Wednesday 13

hard rock, horror punk, metal, rock

Wee Papa Girl Rappers

dancehall, hip hop, rap, reggae


hard rock, krautrock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze


doom metal, stoner metal, stoner rock


psychedelic rock, stoner metal, stoner rock


noise rock, post-punk, shoegaze