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Rusty Wier

country, country rock, outlaw country, rock

Rusty York

bluegrass, rock and roll, rockabilly


new wave, synthpop

Ruth Ann

electronic, pop, trip-hop

Ruth Brown

blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, soul

Ruth Copeland

funk, p-funk, rock, soul

Ruth Joy

electronic, soul

Ruth Moody

country, folk

Ruth Ruth

power pop, rock

Ruth Theodore

singer-songwriter, folk

Ruth Wallis

cabaret, jazz

Ruthie Foster

blues, singer-songwriter, soul

Ruthie Henshall

smooth jazz

Ruts DC vs. Zion Train

dub, electronic, reggae


pop punk, punk rock


doom metal, metal, sludge metal

Rx Bandits

reggae, ska, ska punk

Ry Cooder

blues, rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Ry Cuming

pop rock, rock, soul

Ry x

indie folk, singer-songwriter, folk

Ryan & Rachel O'Donnell

ambient, celtic, chillout, folk

Ryan Adams

rock, singer-songwriter, folk

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

americana, rock, singer-songwriter

Ryan Beatty

indie pop, pop

Ryan Bingham

americana, country, folk rock, singer-songwriter

Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses

americana, country, rock

Ryan Cabrera

pop, pop rock, rock, singer-songwriter

Ryan Farish

ambient, chillout, electronica

Ryan Gosling

pop, singer-songwriter

Ryan Harvey

folk punk, folk

Ryan Horne

folk rock, rock, folk

Ryan Keen

singer-songwriter, folk

Ryan Leslie

hip hop, soul