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This Old Ghost

indie folk, rock, folk

This Patch of Sky

ambient, art rock, post-rock

This Perfect Day

indie pop, pop

This Romantic Tragedy

electronic, electronica, post-hardcore

This System Kills

anarcho punk, hardcore punk, punk rock

This Town Needs Guns

indie rock, math rock, post-rock

This Way To The Egress

cabaret, dark cabaret, gypsy punk, vaudeville

This Will Destroy You

ambient, post-rock

This World Fair

alternative rock, rock

Thom Hell

indie pop, pop, singer-songwriter

Thom Pace

country, pop, rock, folk

Thom Rotella

jazz, smooth jazz, techno

Thom Yorke

electronic, singer-songwriter

Thomas Anders

disco, pop

Thomas Azier

electronic, electropop, synthpop

Thomas Bangalter

electro, electronic, house

Thomas Bergersen


Thomas Blug

instrumental rock, rock

Thomas Buttenschøn

pop, singer-songwriter

Thomas Campion

early music

Thomas D

hip hop

Thomas Dolby

electronic, new wave, synthpop

Thomas Dybdahl


Thomas Feiner & Anywhen

chamber pop, indie rock

Thomas Fersen

chanson, singer-songwriter

Thomas Ford

early music

Thomas Function

garage rock, power pop, rock

Thomas Giles

electronic, progressive rock, rock

Thomas Helmig

pop, rock, singer-songwriter

Thomas Holm

electropop, pop

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

indie rock, post-punk

Thomas Mapfumo


Thomas Newman

ambient, chillout, soundtrack

Thomas Penton & Joseph Anthony

electronic, progressive trance, trance

Thomas Ravenscroft

early music

Thomas Rhett


Thomas Schumacher

electro, electronic, minimal techno, techno

Thomas Stenström

folk rock, indie pop

Thomas Tallis

early music

Thomas Wayne

pop, rock and roll, rockabilly

Thomas Weelkes

early music


emo, hard rock, heavy metal, rock