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The Sensational Nightingales

rock and roll, soul

The Sensations

reggae, rocksteady, soul, vocal

The Sentinals

garage rock, rock, surf rock

The Serenes

indie rock, rock

The Serpent Power

folk rock, psychedelic rock

The Servant

indie rock, rock

The Servants

indie pop, jangle pop

The Severely Departed

instrumental rock, post-rock

The Sewergrooves

garage rock, hard rock

The Shadows

classic rock, oldies, rock

The Shadows of Knight

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Shaggs

lo-fi, rock

The Shakin' Pyramids

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Shaking Sensations

ambient, post-rock

The Shaky Hands

folk rock, indie rock

The Shanghai Restoration Project

ambient, chillout, electronic

The Shangri-Las

girl group, pop

The Shaolin Afronauts

afrobeat, funk, jazz, soul jazz

The Sharks

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Shattering

death metal, progressive death metal, technical death metal

The Shattering

death metal, progressive death metal, technical death metal

The Shazam

glam rock, indie rock, power pop, rock

The Sheepdogs

blues, rock, southern rock

The Sheer

britpop, pop, rock

The Sheila Divine

indie rock, post-punk, rock

The Shell Corporation

melodic hardcore, punk rock

The Shells

country, doo wop, oldies, rock and roll

The Shields

doo wop, oldies, rhythm and blues

The Shins

indie pop, indie rock

The Shirelles

oldies, pop

The Shirkers

punk rock

The Shirts

new wave, rock

The Shitbirds

garage rock, indie rock, pop punk, punk rock

The Shitlickers

crust punk

The Shivas

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The Shivers

indie folk, folk

The Shivvers

new wave, power pop, rock

The Shizit

digital hardcore, electronic, metal

The Shocks

punk rock

The Shoe

indie pop

The Shoes

electro, electronic

The Shore

britpop, indie rock, rock

The Shorts

pop, schlager

The Showdown

metal, metalcore, southern rock

The Showmen

beat, northern soul, soul

The Shrine

hard rock, stoner rock

The Shroud

darkwave, gothic rock

The Shuffles


The Shys

alternative rock, garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Sicilians

dance, italo dance