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The Pale Fountains

new wave, post-punk

The Pale Pacific

indie rock, rock

The Pancakes

indie pop

The Pandoras

garage rock, rock

The Panduhs

dance, pop

The Panic Channel

alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge, rock

The Panic Division

electronic, emo, rock

The Panics

indie rock, rock

The Panik

punk rock

The pAper chAse

indie rock, noise rock

The Paper Hearts

country, rock

The Paper Kites

indie folk, folk

The Paper Raincoat


The Para-Medics

indie rock, math rock

The Paradise Motel

dream pop, slowcore

The Paradons

doo wop, oldies

The Paragons

reggae, rocksteady, ska

The Paramedic

electronic, metalcore, post-hardcore

The Paramounts

northern soul, rhythm and blues

The Paranoid

hard rock, metal, metalcore, rock

The Paris Sisters

oldies, pop

The Parka Kings

ska, ska punk

The Parkinsons

garage rock, punk rock

The Parliaments

blues, funk, northern soul, soul

The Parlor

garage rock, indie folk, indie rock, rock

The Parlor Mob

garage rock, hard rock, rock

The Parlotones

indie rock, rock

The Parrots

garage rock, lo-fi, rock

The Parson Red Heads

folk rock, indie pop, singer-songwriter

The Parting Gifts

garage rock

The Partisans

punk rock

The Party

dance, pop

The Pasadenas

funk, pop, soul

The Passions

dream pop, new romantic, new wave, post-punk

The Pastels

indie pop

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

blues, chicago blues, harmonica blues

The Paupers

classic rock, oldies

The Pavers

grunge, pop punk, punk rock

The Paynes

country gospel

The PeaBrains


The Peach Band

indie pop, pop

The Peacocks

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Peak Show

alternative rock, trip-hop

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

psychedelic rock, rock

The Peanuts

j-pop, pop

The Pear Ratz

country rock, southern rock

The Pearlfishers

indie pop, pop

The Peasall Sisters

bluegrass, country, folk

The Pebbles

garage rock, oldies, rock

The Peculiar Pretzelmen

avant-garde, cabaret, dark cabaret

The Peddlers

funk, jazz, pop