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The New Frontiers

ambient, indie rock, rock

The New Lost City Ramblers

bluegrass, country, old-time, folk

The New Lou Reeds

blues, rock

The New Mastersounds

deep funk, funk, jazz

The New Orleans Banjo Band

country, dixieland, jazz

The New Pornographers

indie pop, indie rock

The New Raemon

indie pop, pop, singer-songwriter

The New Regime

alternative rock, modern rock, rock

The New Roses

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The New Seekers

oldies, pop, folk

The New Wave Hookers

lo-fi, pop, power pop, rock

The New Wine

electronic, electropop

The New York Fund

country, rock

The New York Rock Ensemble

classic rock, pop rock, rock

The Next

dubstep, punk rock

The Nextmen

hip hop, rap

The Nice

classic rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, rock

The Night Flight Orchestra

classic rock, hard rock, rock

The Night Marchers

garage rock, punk rock, rock

The Nightblooms

dream pop, shoegaze

The Nightflyer

dance, electronic, eurodance, techno, trance

The Nighthawks

blues, jazz, rock and roll

The Nights of Iguana

hard rock, rock

The Nightwatchman

singer-songwriter, folk

The Nils

power pop, rock

The Nine Treasures

folk metal, metal

The Nines

indie rock, pop rock, power pop

The Nips

new wave

The Niro

indie rock, rock, singer-songwriter

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

bluegrass, classic rock, country, country rock, folk

The Nixons

alternative rock, grunge, hard rock

The No W.T.O. Combo

hardcore punk, punk rock, rock

The No-Talents

punk rock

The Nobles

classic rock, doo wop

The Nods

rocksteady, ska

The Noisy Freaks

electro, electronic

The Nolans

disco, pop

The Nomads

garage rock, rock

The Non

math rock, post-rock, progressive rock

The Normal

electronic, electronica, new wave, post-punk

The Normals

punk rock, rock

The Northern Pikes

indie rock, rock

The Northern Territories

electropop, emo, synthpop

The Notations

funk, soul