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The Joykiller

punk rock

The Juan Maclean

dance, electro, electronic

The Judds


The Juju Orchestra

bossa nova, funk, jazz

The Jujus

garage rock

The Juliet Dagger

classic rock, rock

The June Brides

indie pop, jangle pop

The Jungle Book

disney, soundtrack

The Jungle Giants

indie pop, indie rock

The Junkers

punk rock

The Junket

alternative metal, alternative rock, rock

The Jupiter Kids

new wave, punk rock

The JV Allstars

pop punk, power pop, punk rock

The K.G.B.

pop, pop punk, rock

The Kaleidoscope

j-pop, j-rock, rock

The Kamikaze Hearts

americana, pop, folk

The Katinas

contemporary christian, pop

The Kelley Deal 6000

lo-fi, riot grrrl

The Kelly Family

folk rock, pop, rock, folk

The Kendalls

classic country, country, oldies

The Kennedy Veil

brutal death metal, death metal, deathcore, metal, technical death metal

The Kennedys

rock, folk

The Kentucky Headhunters

country, country rock, rock, southern rock

The Keytones

doo wop, rock and roll, rockabilly

The KickDrums

electronic, indie pop, pop

The Kid

indie pop, pop


j-rock, visual kei

The Kids

punk rock

The Kik

beat, indie rock, rock

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

ambient, electronic, jazz

The Kilkennys

folk rock, irish folk, folk

The Kill Devil Hills

blues, country

The Killer Barbies

punk rock, rock

The Killers

alternative rock, indie rock, rock

The Killigans

celtic punk, folk punk

The Killjoys

punk rock

The Kills

garage rock, indie rock, rock

The Kin

indie rock, rock

The King

classic rock, rock, rockabilly

The King Blues

reggae, ska, folk

The Kingbees

blues, rockabilly