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The Four Tops

motown, oldies, rhythm and blues, soul

The Fourmost

british invasion, merseybeat, oldies, pop

The Fourmyula

psychedelic rock

The Fox

pop, psychedelic rock, rock

The Frames

indie rock, rock

The Frank and Walters

indie pop, rock

The Franklin Electric

pop, rock, folk

The Frantic Elevators

new wave, post-punk

The Fratellis

indie rock, rock

The Fray

alternative rock, piano rock, rock

The Free Association

ambient, electronic, electronica, trip-hop

The Free Design

baroque pop, easy listening, pop, sunshine pop

The Freeborne

psychedelic rock

The Freemans

southern gospel

The Freeze

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Fresh & Onlys

garage rock, lo-fi, psychedelic rock

The Freshies

new wave, post-punk, rock

The Friends of Distinction

oldies, pop, soul

The Friggs

garage rock, rock

The Frisk

punk rock, rock

The Frog


The Frogs

psychobilly, folk

The Front

hard rock, rock

The Frost

black metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock

The Frozen Autumn

darkwave, electronic, synthpop

The Frumpies

indie rock, riot grrrl

The Fucking Eagles

garage rock, rock

The Fugees

hip hop, rap, soul

The Fugs

psychedelic rock, rock

The Fullblast

melodic hardcore, pop punk, punk rock

The Fully Down

pop punk, punk rock, rock

The Fumes

blues, rock

The Fun Things

garage rock, rock

The Funeral Orchestra

doom metal, funeral doom

The Funeral Pyre

black metal, blackened death metal, death metal, melodic black metal, melodic death metal

The Funkees

afrobeat, funk

The Fureys

celtic, irish folk, folk

The Fureys & Davey Arthur

celtic, chillout, irish folk, folk

The Future Kings of England

progressive rock, psychedelic rock, rock, space rock

The Future Kings of Nowhere

anti-folk, folk punk, indie rock

The Future Sound of London

ambient, chillout, electronic, electronica, idm

The Futureheads

indie rock, rock

The Fuzz

heavy metal

The Fuzztones

garage rock, psychobilly