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The Bushwackers

country, folk

The Business

punk rock

The Butchies

queercore, riot grrrl, rock

The Butlers

reggae, ska

The Butterfly Effect

alternative rock, hard rock, rock

The Buttocks

punk rock

The Byrds

classic rock, rock, folk

The B‐52s

new wave, pop, rock

The C90s

disco house, electronic, electronica, house

The Cab

pop punk, rock

The Cables

reggae, rocksteady, roots reggae

The Cactus Blossoms

alternative country, country

The Cactus Channel

funk, jazz, soul

The Cadets

doo wop, rhythm and blues

The Cadillac Three

country, country rock, rock, southern rock

The Cadillacs

doo wop, oldies, rock and roll

The Cairos

indie rock, rock, soul

The Cake

baroque pop, girl group, pop

The Cakes

new wave, post-punk, rock

The Calico Wall

garage rock, psychedelic rock

The California Honeydrops

blues, jazz, soul

The Call

black metal, new wave, post-punk, rock

The Calling

alternative rock, pop, pop rock, rock

The Calm Blue Sea

ambient, post-rock

The Calvanes

doo wop, pop, soul

The Canadian Tenors

easy listening

The Candle Thieves

indie pop, rock

The Candy Snatchers

punk rock, rock

The Candyskins

britpop, indie rock, rock

The Cannanes

indie pop, twee pop

The Capaces

hardcore punk, punk rock

The Cape May

indie rock

The Capital Beat

reggae, ska

The Capitols

motown, northern soul, soul

The Capris

doo wop, oldies, pop

The Capstan Shafts

indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

The Caravan

hip hop, idm, new beat, techno, world music

The Caravans

psychobilly, rockabilly

The Caravelles

girl group, pop

The Carbonfools

electronic, rock

The Carburetors

hard rock, rock

The Cardigans

pop, rock

The Cardinals

blues, doo wop

The Caretaker

ambient, dark ambient, electronic

The Carnaby

freakbeat, funk, soul

The Carnations

indie rock

The Caroline Movement

americana, indie rock, singer-songwriter

The Carousel

indie pop, pop

The Carpenters

easy listening, pop

The Carpettes

new wave, punk rock

The Carrivick Sisters

bluegrass, folk