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A Chinese Firedrill

classic rock, metal, progressive metal, progressive rock

A Chinese Restaurant

emo, emocore, post-hardcore

A City Serene

electronic, emocore, post-hardcore, screamo

A Classic Education

indie pop, lo-fi

A Cor Do Som

bossa nova, mpb, samba

A Covenant of Thorns

ambient, darkwave, electronic, synthpop

A Current Affair

emocore, post-hardcore, rock, screamo

A Cursive Memory

pop, pop rock, rock

A Dark Halo

industrial metal, melodic death metal, metal

A Day to Remember

emocore, pop punk, post-hardcore, screamo

A Dead Forest Index

folk rock, indie rock, folk

A Dead Giveaway

emo, emocore, rock, screamo

A Death Among Heroes

deathcore, electronic, metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo

A Dream of Poe

doom metal, gothic metal

A Dream Too Late

christian rock, pop rock, rock

A Faylene Sky

emocore, metalcore, post-hardcore, screamo

A Fine Frenzy

pop, singer-songwriter

A Flock of Seagulls

new romantic, new wave, pop, synthpop

A Foot In Coldwater

classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock

A Forest of Stars

black metal

A Frames

art punk, noise rock, post-punk

A Giant Dog

garage rock, lo-fi, rock

A Girl Called Eddy

rock, singer-songwriter

A Global Threat

hardcore punk, punk rock

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves

indie rock, math rock

A Great Big World

indie pop, pop

A Group of Crows

post-rock, progressive metal, progressive rock

A Hero A Fake

melodic metalcore, metalcore, post-hardcore, progressive metal

A Hero's Fate

emocore, pop punk, post-hardcore

A Hitman's Business

death metal, deathcore

A Hope for Home



hard rock, heavy metal, metal

A Jigsaw

blues, country, rock, folk

A Klana Indiana


A Life Once Lost

mathcore, metal, metalcore

A Liquid Landscape

alternative rock, art rock, progressive rock

A Long Winter

emocore, melodic hardcore, metalcore, screamo

A Loss for Words

melodic hardcore, pop punk, post-hardcore

A Lot Like Birds

post-hardcore, progressive rock

A Love Like Pi

electronic, emo

A Man Called Adam

acid jazz, chillout, downtempo, electronic

A Man Called Adam

acid jazz, chillout, downtempo, electronic

A Minor Forest

indie rock, math rock, post-rock

A Moment's Worth

alternative rock, emo, pop punk

A Naifa